7 cannabis strains perfect for nighttime use (1 of 2 part)

When choosing cannabis varieties that you’ll use as daily drivers, remember to differentiate between strains that will work best for daytime and nighttime use. The following guide focuses on the latter, including a few specific strain suggestions for evening, bedtime, and late-night use.

The best nighttime strains will soothe, de-stress, and ensure you get a good night’s sleep in advance of starting a new day all over again. Keep in mind that everyone’s strain preferences are different, so experiment with these and other cannabis varieties until you find the perfect set to fit your evening needs.Related7 factors that affect your cannabis high

Best Evening Strains

Ready to Netflix and chill? The best p.m. strains take the chill level up a notch, pushing stressors from earlier in the day to the back burner and replacing them with relaxation.

Cookies and Cream

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? Giggly, soothing, and endlessly popular, sugary-sweet Cookies and Cream is the ideal strain to enjoy before cooking an evening meal, whether you’re alone or with a loved one. We also love it for movie nights.

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White Fire OG

White Fire OG begets comfortable and social effects, making this an ideal p.m. strain for sharing. If you’re hosting an evening get-together or spending a date night with someone special, we recommend picking up some of this strain to augment the evening’s activities.

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Grease Monkey

Many consumers prefer not to smell of cannabis during the day, which makes pungent, skunky Grease Monkey a perfect strain to save for the evening. Consumers report heavy relaxation bordering on laziness, and sometimes weekday evenings call for just that. This strain has also been known to spark the munchies, which makes it ideal to enjoy just before dinnertime.

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Best Bedtime Strains

The best nighttime strains relieve any remaining tension in your body as they lull your mind to sleep. Search out strains with sedating terpene profiles, such as the ones below.

Death Star

Looking for a slow fade into sleepiness? Death Star’s smooth and steady onset of effects are an ideal match for a dreamy nighttime meditation sesh, or for reading in bed before you fall asleep.

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Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is known for equal parts physical and mental relaxation, which makes this strain a perfect way to end any day. Its woodsy, chocolatey flavors make it a sweet nighttime treat, and its couch-lock relaxation makes climbing into bed the number one thing you’ll want to do.

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Best Late Night Strains

Some of us, particularly those who suffer from insomnia, could use a little extra help to sleep soundly through the night. If the strains above aren’t doing the trick, consider an extra few puffs of these dreamy, blissful strains.

Purple Urkle

If you’d rather take the fast track to dreamland, Purple Urkle is a good bet. Known for quick-onset effects, this sedating strain with earthy berry aromas quells soreness related to work, exercise, or chronic medical conditions, making it easy to fall fast asleep.

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Granddaddy Purple

The granddaddy of all sleep strains, this household name is all but guaranteed to knock you out (in a good way). Whether it’s stress, pain, or simple sleeplessness keeping you up at night, GDP is a go-to for pure physical and mental relaxation.

A Look At Los Angeles Top Dispensaries

Pro-tip: Most shops offer delivery.

While marijuana has been legal for medical use since 1996, California has come into a new age of legal adult-use aka “recreational” use with more than 1,500 retail stores and dispensaries having sprouted up all over the city. So whether you’re picking up flower to load up a Backwoods blunt, topicals or tinctures to stay regular, edibles for snacking on while watching an Jelle’s Marble Runs playlist, there’s plenty of great legal near your neighborhood that are still open during the pandemic (for pick-up or delivery).Sherbinskis

It’s only fitting that bud from cult-favorite Mario Guzman (aka Mr. Sherbinskis) would find its way to the exceedingly chill stretch of Fairfax brushing elbows with the likes of Supreme and Jon & Vinny’s. The sleek, orange-hued showroom houses Sherbinkis’ world-renown strains, household names like Sunset Sherbert and the entire Gelato line – Mochi, Bacio, Acai berry, and Gello. Among the flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and extracts you’ll also find brand leaders such as Dosist, Double Barrel, and Select.
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Like a pop-up art gallery in a futuristic space capsule, the first LA retail space to land from vertically-integrated vape maker Stiiizy is a sight to behold. Stiiizy (pronounced “steeze-y” as in style with ease) has long traded on affordable yet potent vape pens and pods for the masses with starter kits in a variety of terpene profiles like Strawberry cough or Grand Daddy Purp. One top of a wide variety of partner brands and consumption types, on-site visitors will get the chance to custom engrave their Stiiizy pen, so you can get that etching of an alien head floating on magic mushrooms and channel your fondest memories of Spencer’s Gifts.
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Exhale Med Center

West Hollywood
A cozy shop with always affable budtenders, Exhale carries a wide selection of Bloom products and other popular brands like Foria and Kiva. You’ll find a fair amount of CBD products and plenty of clones should you want to grow your own. Customers are welcome to make use of the in-store rosin press to squeeze hash oil out of their newly purchased flower, saving you the hassle of having to bust out the old hair straightener.
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West Hollywood, Downtown, Beverly Hills, LAX
Unlike the head shops of the past, hidden behind records and incense, there’s no missing MedMen’s neon-lit storefront and sleek signature look. Yes, you’re stepping into the self-proclaimed “Apple Store of cannabis” — just know that with the fancy touch screens and weed Genius Bar, you’ll likely see Apple Store prices. The cannabis chain specializes in diverse strains and high-end offerings, as well as edible and topical options — bonus points for pet-friendly drops and gift-worthy items like kush bath bombs.
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The Farmacy Westwood

The Farmacy is a recreational cannabis boutique that carries over 150 designer products, but it also offers medical patients a 10% discount off their first purchase. School stressing you out? UCLA staff and students (with valid UCLA ID and medical referral) receive a 10% discount as well. Even if you’re just shopping for adult-use cannabis, don’t worry: regular customers can join the dispensary’s 420 rewards program to earn gifts and discounts.
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The Pottery

An airy, minimalist decor gives The Pottery a modern day apothecary vibe, fitting for your purchase of an extremely helpful medicine — and even “recreational” tokers benefit from the medical effects of marijuana from anti-inflammatory properties to anxiety reduction. In the interest of providing Earth-grown pharmaceuticals, you’ll find display cases of premium flower such as Bloom Farms’ Do Si Do, THC Design’s Purple Punch, and Pearl Pharma’s Kosher White Truffle. The Pottery also delivers to a considerable section of the city with no additional fees.
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Silver Lake
California Caregivers Alliance has been around for over a decade, although it’s now accepting recreational customers — and first time visitors can enjoy 10% off after taxes! Tucked into the second floor of a strip mall, this little shop can get pretty packed at times, but if you’re willing to wait a few minutes for your turn, a friendly staff is waiting to walk you through their reasonable selection of strains, edibles, vapes, and other products. There are daily specials, which is always a welcome treat, and on Sundays there’s a prize wheel you can join in on with a donation — who doesn’t love a prize wheel?
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Studio City
Open daily from 6am to 10pm (including holidays), WHTC just might be the most accessible dispensary yet. Winner of 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup, this is shop excels in both options and education; from the informative website to the informed staff, WHTC strives to help you buy what’s best for you. The shop offers a 5% discount to veterans, seniors, and medical marijuana patients with disabilities, and daily deals for medical patients; while recreational customers are accepted, keep in mind that the daily deals are for medical patients only. Though there’s a limited number of flower strains on offer, WHTC’s fully stocked with extracts and concentrates, including the Dosist pens that are sold out at most shops.
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City Compassionate Caregivers

You’d be hard-pressed to find a friendlier, more inviting atmosphere amongst budtenders than at City Compassionate Caregivers who’ve been cultivating some of LA’s top greens for 20+ years. The operation has been known to collaborate with weed royalty like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg. Speaking of the D-o-double-gizzle, Caregivers uses Snoop’s Premium Nutrients on a number of plants in their on-site double-decker grow facility. Be sure to pick up some fire flower from The Cure Company, whose Glazed Apricot Gelato strain is sure to make for a relaxed stroll through Arts District afterward.
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Arts District
Sometimes it’s hard to get off your couch — luckily, DTPG offers FREE delivery anywhere from Glendale to East LA. They also have daily deals, and are currently offering 25% off vapes and concentrates. DTPG carries one of the biggest selections of Hybrid strains, as well as a well-stocked edible selection that including a variety of candies, oils, and medicated pet treats.
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Cornerstone Research Collective

Eagle Rock
Located across from the Eagle Rock Plaza, Cornerstone feels like a boutique retail experience that’s fueled by medical education. The store is “research-based,” and one of the best places to ask any question you might have; there’s even a blog that focuses on cannabis benefits, with article topics that touch on everything from MS pain management to creativity to strain science. If you’re in the dark about what you need or the best canna product to tackle your issue, this is a very informative place to shop.
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Located on Cahuenga and Sunset, this shop is in squarely the heart of Hollywood, and while it’s cash-only, there’s a much-needed ATM on site. MMD is loaded with flower, concentrates, and a great selection of edibles and infused drinks, and also gives a 10% discount to people who live or work nearby! After your pickup, head across the way to Amoeba for some music and movies — it’s basically a 4/20 one-stop shopping trip.
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Los Angeles Kush

East LA, Echo Park
Los Angeles Kush is a bargain hunter’s green dream — to wit, every Tuesday at their Echo Park location is both Terp Tuesday with 15% off all vape cartridges AND Taco Tuesday meaning two free tacos with any purchase. There aren’t too many places that both give you the munchies and satisfy them within a 10-foot radius. Shop hours are ridiculously convenient, running from 7am to 10pm seven days a week, making it all that much easier to scratch an itch for San Fernando Valley OG or Cherry Zkittles.
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Green Goddess Collective

Green Goddess is a boutique dispensary just a scooter ride’s distance from the neighborhoods’ iconic beachwalk and canals. Scootering along with a goodie bag of calming tinctures and bath bath bombs, without a care in the world, seems like a pretty ideal way to spend 4/20. The dispensary houses a wide variety of oil, kief, hash, vapes, wax, balms, and Buddha’s Dream Cannabis Oil made using Canadian engineer Rick Simpson’s method.
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Buddha Company

Arts District
With what might just be the best deal yet, Buddha Company is covering the new 2018 taxes for customers to help them acclimate to the new regulations. Yes, while many shops are passing these high taxes on to the customer, leaving some patients more sour than Diesel, Buddha is opting to front the costs. They also have first timer perks for both medical and recreational customers.
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Maywood, Beverly Grove
While Cookies does sell more than just edibles — namely a solidly curated lineup of clean, high-octane flower and wax — let’s take a second to appreciate the wonders on their dosed baked goods menu from Venice Cookie Company. The 100mg bags, with a trusty 10mg per cookie, come in varieties like The Hippie (vegan-friendly trail mix, granola, peanut butter, and dried cherries), The Chipster (chocolate chips, cranberries, and sea salt) and the incredibly well-balanced CBD Churros. This growing dispensary franchise is the brainchild of recording artist/marijuana mogul Berner, who has applied the same meticulous standards to cultivating herb as he has to his dank-as-hell street wear.
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King Kush Collective

South LA
King Kush is known for its customer appreciation days, which can easily turn into huge parties. The shop offers multiple freebies for first-timers, including joints and gift bags with small donations, and you can join the VIP Text Message List by texting “KING ME” to 800-516-1357, and stay up to date with rotating deals and events.
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East LA
Located on the fourth floor of the building (with stunning views of the city), TLC is a legit boutique, featuring a variety of cannabis products, as well as a Show Grow Room and a Jungle Boys Apparel section. Budtenders are on-hand to help you decide, but TLC also features an “Express Line” if you already know what you want — this can be useful when you want to be in and out, but other customers have a ton of questions.
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Hollywood High Grade

Hollywood High Grade on Santa Monica offers free gift bags to all new patients; the shop also has different deals every day of the week, and on Fridays you can choose from all of them! Like most dispensaries, HHG has a vast Indica selection, but there’s a surprisingly healthy selection of Sativa and Hybrids, as well.
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Zen Healing

West Hollywood
They’ve been around since 2003, and have plenty of loyal customers. It’s a welcoming space with free parking, and they consider Sunday their patient appreciation days, on which they offer compassion to those who cannot afford their medication. They also offer a military discount. They carry a decent selection of flowers, plus edibles, vapes, topicals, drinks, and cooking aids — like weed hot sauce and olive oil.
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