California’s leading boutique, farm-direct cannabis wholesale company.

L2L is your dependable source of high-quality flower. At our state-of-the art indoor and greenhouse gardens, we control every step of the cultivation process—allowing us to offer competitive prices, expert guidance, and delivery anywhere within the state of California. L2L is always looking to forge new partnerships within the cannabis community. If you are an active broker with licensed clients, let’s do business.


  • Through pheno-hunting, we’ve built a library of cultivars that meet our high-quality standards, giving our wholesale partners the pick of several top-shelf strains.

  • With over 100k sq ft of cultivation across our three indoor facilities and one mixed-light greenhouse, we generate close to 2000 lbs of premium flower a month.

  • With 29 separate grow rooms, we control each environment to ensure it is tailored to the specific needs of the strain.

Our Process

  • Our unique tissue culture process helps us ensure genetic stability to provide our partners with a consistent product every time.

  • Our integrated pest management system and strong sanitation practices allow us to maintain pristine conditions and deliver only the highest quality flower.

  • We practice whole plant hanging to dry our flower—this slow, even curing process enhances flavor, terpene profile, and creates a smooth smoke.


The Canndescent L2L Marketplace brings our premium flower to licensed groups
looking to expand their cannabis business. With gardens dedicated to cultivating
wholesale flower, we produce specific strains to help our partners stay

Collectively, we have over 30 years of experience in cannabis, giving us a
thorough understanding of this unique industry. We lend this knowledge and
expertise to our partners, helping them determine the right volume, strains, and
products to quickly scale their business.